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Sandi Klein's Conversations with Creative Women

If you're all up in my Twitter you'll know I had the distinct honor of being selected to speak on the Sandi Klein Show--- not once but TWICE. Check the link below to hear parts 1 and 2 as well as a coterie of other wild gals holding their creative space in this brave new world:


Ow! My Tattoo Is Suddenly Raised/Painful/Tender-- What The Hey?

This guy may suck but at least he's not burning up his cool tattoos.

My last post heralded skin season (read: SUN season) so naturally I need to follow-up midsummer with this post, the body art downside of all that exposure. Summertime brings lots of parties and laying out so if you do that too much, your tattoo will probably be among the first (after your hangover) to tell ya.

I get a couple of calls each season about the phenomenon. The tattoo is always fully healed, and months-- even years after its execution it all-of-a-sudden sprouts up above the plane of normal tissue, angrily hollering in a welty red display of protest. This, my friends, is a tattoo that has had enough of your sun and fun.

My personal theory (and based on two decades of observation and empirical evidence) is that the pigment absorbs sunlight more quickly than your normal skin, so the expanding cells and heated pigments strain the surrounding tissue causing discomfort. Combine that with a long weekend of mojitos and dehydration, the most recent rampage upon your largest, most protective organ (your tattooed skin) will send up an alert to cool it, man. Remember, a tattoo is essentially a scar, and therefore a breach in your body's primary defense system. As a locus for invasion, even a deliberate one, it provides your system with an excellent alarm when another potential health assault is imminent.

Other elements causing sudden pain and swelling and even raised bumps in a fully-healed tattoo is stress and food allergies. Consider your tattoo to be the "canary in the mineshaft" of your body. Back in the day, miners would take live canaries down into the mines with them. If the happy chirping suddenly stopped, that meant that odorless, poisonous gas was present and everyone needed to dd the heck out to topside. Really, it killed the canaries, so listen to your tattoo and start resting, hydrating and meditating immediately. Check your recent diet for any unusual items... shellfish being a large culprit for food reactions. Lastly and for crimeny's sake use a strong-ass sunblock every time you toast yourself, will ya?


Beery, Beefy Irish Inspiration

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I left Ireland just in time to see the gorgeous country decked out in emerald, orange and white readying for its national holiday. Before I left I made sure to get my friend Mark's hearty Guinness recipe, since corned beef and cabbage ain't on menus, trust. Between perusing menus, I made sure to have lots of pints and make lots of sketches....and have lots of pints. Enjoy!

Ginger Mark's Hunky Beefy Irish Supper

Diced Beef
Shallots or Onions
Guinness, The draught is nicer, but don't worry if you can't get it
Paprika, Black Pepper, Salt, Sugar, Flour, Stock Cubes

Brown the meat in a really really hot pan, make sure its just browned all over, we don't want to cook it. Remove from the pan and coat generously in the flour.
Chop the Shallots, Carrots and Parsnips to all roughly the same size. We want good sized chunks of veg, just maybe a little smaller than the beef pieces. Brown these in the pan too, but don't burn them, repeat the flour process.
Dissolve two/three stock cubes in a little boiling water.
At this stage, start throwing everythign into the casserole dish
Pour a little of the Guinness into the pan and deglaze it and pour into the casserole
Add some paprika,some more flour, black pepper and sugar, as much as each as you like to your taste
Pour guinness over the ingredients to cover them. If you have some fresh rosemary, I'd usually put a few sprigs on top for flavour, but take them out after cooking.
You want to cook this LOW and SLOW, 5/6 hours at least. For the last hour, you need to taste the broth, it will usually need more sugar and salt at this stage.
Add in the mushrooms and let it cook for another hour.
The beef should be really moist and tender by now. Try NOT to stir the mixture too much. as everything will start breaking up.
I usually do creamed potatoes with it, mashed, scooped onto a baking tray, eggwash and brown under the grill.

Serve with a fine Irish whiskey (Galway prefers Paddy's) and have a toast to the woebegone snakes of Ireland! Sláinte!

Ta-Tas for TAM

I had the stone cold honor of being front-and-center of Tattoo Artist Magazine's International Woman's Day feature when they posted an article exploring the growing market for scar coverage tattoos, specifically post-mastectomy tattoos. is one of the most prominent organizations focusing on this topic and I was privileged to work closely with these wonderful revolutionaries throughout last year. Therefore, I was thrilled to see my brave pal Stacey Watson-Glenn and her luscious sea shells posted up under the banner of one of my generation's most prestigious tattoo industry mags. Talk about bread on the water, this is beyond payment for services rendered and sweet, sweet karma to boot. Thanks, P-Ink, for gaining the attention of tattoo industry insiders like TAM and thanks Stacey for trusting me with your beautiful bod...and first tattoo!

In Like A Celtic Tiger

I'll be gleefully marching upon the Emerald Isle and holding fast in Galway's AWOL Tattoos from 3/3-7. It's been a few years since I've spent time with friends in Ireland and this trip I look forward to seeing the legendary western shore and making even more friends! If you're in Galway or other parts and feeling lucky please send me a note at FJUK(at) and we'll pull off a craic or two. Éirinn go Brách!