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Spring Flings

It's coming up on that frisky season! You know that time of warm days that make us all start to slowly shed our outer layers and reveal that beautifully tattooed take that fancy azz to a tattoo convention and show it off already! I'll be kicking off my spring tour with the venerable NYC Tattoo Convention this weekend followed by the western brodown in Salt Lake City on St. Patrick's Day(ish). Dates in Austin, Glasgow, London and Los Angeles will put me squarely back in NYC just in time for the May migration. Curious of my whereabouts these next few months? Get with my Twitter for the quickest updates. See you at the shows!

Fallen Into Glam

Having a tv show on Oxygen has really ramped up my desire to be at my best --but for long career stretches I concentrated on just giving the world my art and ideas, downplaying my "womanliness." No more! Life responds to beauty in all it's forms and I've found it serves me well to remember that while in the public eye. Thank heaven for the ladies of Fallen Into Vintage, who dressed me so beautifully for Tattoos After Dark.
I spend a lot of time in the heart of the Fashion District near my NYC studio and let me tell ya, I enjoy the subversive irony of my permanent designs on bodies dedicated to the rotating trends of the seasonal fashion industry. Along with perceptions of women's body images both good and bad, I am also keenly aware of the economic and ecological impact of modern couture.
However, fan that I am, Fallen Into Vintage has bridged more than a few of my fashion challenges. Reasonable, reclaimed and ravishing, the FiV collections are for the girl who loves romance and isn't afraid to show a little skin. See what FiV has for you or your sweetheart right here at Etsy. Tell them Friday Jones sent you and have a beautiful Valentine's Day! xox


The Power of Power Animal Symbolism

I had a birthday this month and, like every birthday, I decided to consciously experience a day simply fraught with symbolism. Facing down an enormous pile of dishes I imagined myself cleaning away the leftover bits of the past year. Surrounded by friends I felt gratitude for the love and support I would continue to receive into the next. As I gazed out a winter window between dish-washing and friend-hugging, a huge blue jay buzzed my startled head. Wow! I hadn't seen one in (what seemed like) years. The flash of white belly and shocking color snapped me right into another reverie, that of the totem or "power animal."

I went to my favorite Website for such instances,What' and read up on the little guy. The similarities between the mythic qualities of the jay dovetailed with my current life beautifully. Check out what I discovered here. If you know me, I think you'll agree!

As a tattooer I get the privilege of working with people's symbols and helping them illustrate their personal myth. When I discovered the idea of power animals I began to enjoy "trying on" the various aspects of the creature, both what we observe in nature and what personality traits we assign to it from our human perspective. The result of such thoughts expanded my personal life experience so much that I made it a habit, and encourage my clients to do their own research when they find themselves drawn to a certain animal (or plants or objects).

So the next time a seagull poops on your umbrella, pretend the seagull has some other reason to get your attention. If you frame it right, researching the metaphysical traits of your gift-giver might just help you soar.

A Happy New Year Premier!

Hey hey! My new show "Tattoos After Dark" will be premiering on Oxygen this New Year's Day and to welcome this badass baby we're having a big ol' party in Brooklyn! Our friends at The Way Station have volunteered to craft some seriously fun tattoo-infused about a round of Lyle Tuttles or the sultry violet Tramp Stamp?
To begin the show we will have sonic-rock mind benders Geena and Dragster performing at 10pm followed by a tattoo comedy set with Mara Marek and Dante Nero showing no mercy at 10:30. At 11pm Oxygen will broadcast two back-to-back episodes of "Tattoos After Dark" and I will be joined by my fellow cast member Joe "Jersey" Mienweiser to have Q&A between breaks.
Best of all, we will be streaming live from my Facebook page so everybody can join in the action! We seriously cannot wait for the awesome to begin in 2014 and we hope to see YOU there!

"Like" is the New Luv

So hey hey! Got a nifty way to get around the ol' 5000 fb friend rule. Check it out!