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Aloha Electric Paradise

Tattoo artist Peggy Jordan keeps it Kahuna in Waikiki Beach with Electric Paradise. It's the end of summer and I am launching my annual tour this year with an ono work trip to Waikiki Beach and Electric Paradise Tattoo. If you're up on my Instagram, you've seen me pal around Europe and the US with my dear globe-trotting homegirl Peggy Jordan, who owns EPT along with Hawaiian heavyweight Makua Annon, who specializes in that Polynesian style we all know and openly lust after.

I'll be holding it down with the team for a two-week guest artist spot, so you have plenty of time to buy your ticket, rent your little grass shack and quit your job. We'll figure the rest out when you get here.


Personal Ink Will Titillate October!

Many of you are likely aware that I have a passion for breasts and tattoo them as often as I can. On October 10th I will be joined by my fellow tattooed mammary enthusiasts with a HUGE celebratory event across the country as we all join Personal Ink to decorate mastectomy patients in an event for art and healing. P.Ink is a radical new charity that was created to provide tattoo therapy for survivors and raise awareness for breast health. This will be the second year of their 10.10 nationwide tattoo fest following in the manner of their exciting multi-city debut in 2013. I'll have more details for you in October, but in the meantime check out their smashing Website and keep up with the party on Pinterest and Facebook. Makes you tingle just thinking about it, right? Me too!

ZRock and the Savage Life

Turned out in 2002 thanks to Savage Magazine*

 Happy #ThrowbackThursday!

I happened upon a portfolio of mine from 2002 and I thought you would like to see a bit of showing off from back in the day. My friends at Savage Magazine had offered to do a feature on my tattooing and editor David Goodman suggested a photo shoot was in order. Hollywood offered a lot in the ways of hair and costuming so I got to sport a custom-made steel bra bikini during the whole enterprise. I had a Xena-thing going on and David let me give the camera my best scifi warrior princess, for which I am eternally grateful.  Of course it being Hollywood, we had to have a blue-hair-and-feathers version, too. Two sides of bikini camp, that's me!

In addition to wild tattoo girls, Savage Magazine is widely read by the motorcycle community (duh!). It is with this bit of biker juju I announce my upcoming tattoo radio show on ZRock, where easy riders from around the world tune-in for news, trends, events and steel driving rock n' roll!

On my show I'll give you what you need: tattoo history, news and the backstory on some of your favorite artists and designs...all delivered in my trademarked lisp. I'll let you know airdates via my Twitter feed (there to the right if you're not a Tweeter). 

The biker community was one of the maginalized groups that kept tattooing alive and in the public eye whether the squares liked it or not (likely not). It's a big honor to serve as ear warmer to the freedom-loving, cage-free ORIGINAL 1%ers. See ya on the radio!


* The colorful tattoo on my thigh is a gorgeous geisha created by graffiti and tattoo artist Schmoe Dawg, who was killed last week on a Utah highway. Schmoe's talent and compassion inspired many lives and he leaves behind a wife and five kids. For information on love and support donations call Lost Art Tattoo (801) 537-7858


Wes Wood to the Unimax

One of my favorite things to do in this life is to have a chat with older tattooers that have been around the block...and who know a lot more than I do. This morning we stopped by New York's one and only tattoo wonderstore Unimax to visit our hero Wes Wood, who was one of three major players in legalizing tattooing for NYC in 1997.

Wes has been tattooing for almost thirty years and has supplied his fellow artists with hard-to-come-by tattoo equipment for almost as long. In addition to playing tenor sax for American Bandstand and jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, Wes put his brains to good use by not just being an expert businessman and stand-up tattooer, he has led the fight for legitimacy and legalization practically his whole career.
Wes and Unimax helped me out big time during the shooting of Tattoos After Dark with an ample supply of his bright, solid and superior
Electra Pro Inks. Read more about Wes and his fine team of artists and craftspeople at Unimax (and his Chinatown tattoo shop and art gallery) Sacred Tattoo.

Tattoos After Dark has it's season finale tonight at 9pm only on Oxygen!


The Mystery Of The White Tattoo

White tattoos get brighter with each pass and work on almost every complexion.

After hearing yet another dejected story about how some poor soul was turned rudely away for innocently asking if her favorite tattooer performed white tattoos, I have determined the time has come for a post dedicated to the misunderstood, much aligned-mark.

White tattoos are subtle, chic and will last as long as you do, provided you provide your white tattoo with the proper care and sun protection you would provide any exposed color tattoo. They are considered an advanced tattoo, however, so few tattooers are qualified to create them.

Without dedicating too much space to the poo-pooers who hate white tattoos, just bear in mind that these knuckleheads are often bitter misogynists that think all tattoos should be "man" tattoos or failed "artists" who forget that tattooing is a service provided to paying customers, rather than a license to exorcise their narrow aesthetic upon a human being.

I first saw white tattoos simultaneously in Madonna's Sex Book and in the edge-cutting PIFQ. I was already a tattooer, and was just beginning to chafe under the "bold will hold" mantra that traditional tattooing insists upon. Traditional tattoos do hold up over time, but I've got a big, black blob holding fast on my ankle that time took only a few years to soften those fat, flared lines into ignominy. I've never seen a white tattoo spread and distort THAT much, and I've seen two decades worth. In the worst case scenario, one simply retouches a white tattoo that has faded over time or sun exposure. The only thing one can do with an aged, closed-out seven liner traddie is carve it up with a laser or try to ignore it.

Or you can pay someone nice to reline and sharpen up the poor old, spread-out black thing... with WHITE INK, thankyouverymuch.

You're welcome.

Tattoos After Dark is serving up all sorts of unusual bits tonight, only on Oxygen 9pm/8c